paige + nicholas

This spring I made a few simple pieces for my sweet friends Paige + Nicholas’ wedding. I loved the opportunity to return to both the OM Center and Le Bouillon for the ceremony and reception. I flowered my first wedding at these same spaces exactly one year ago that weekend! The natural light Om Center’s beautiful skylight offers allowed us to keep decor to a minimum. Paige and Nicholas built a fabric frame to hide the kitchen in the back of space, and I stung simple eucalyptus garlands from a birch structure (another piece I used in my first wedding.) This piece moved with us to the reception at Le Bouillon to sit behind the bride and groom. Simple arrangements to compliment the bride’s bouquet adorned the tables to let the space speak for itself. I loved the soft hints of pink from the yarrow and astilbe in this bouquet, with plenty of willow + seeded eucalyptus to give Paige the wild, green look she was after.

All photos by Ben Semisch