tiny exercises.

tis the season when there are seemingly never enough hours in the day and sleep is like that old friend you're dying to catch up with. it's holiday time and in small business world, there is truly no rest for the wicked. 

i've spent the last few months thinking big, planning big and creating big. i was autopiloting through one of these aforementioned BIG pieces recently, tired and frustrated, and i realized the connection between what i envisioned creating and what my hands were actually producing had somehow fallen off track. 

as we grow as artists, we learn new tricks, nix bad habits and compound what we know and experience into something tangible. i started thinking about these building blocks and getting back to the basics. no grand schemes, no deadlines, no making for anyone but myself. i started these tiny exercises in an attempt to decompress and focus on the fundamentals.

the following photos are the result of these tiny exercises. made entirely from studio scraps, these mini wall hangings came together quite freely and helped me re-hone the simple structures i use consistently in my work.

recycled cotton cord + metal hoops.  all items featured will be available at  Bench:MADE  and  Handmade Omaha  this month.

recycled cotton cord + metal hoops.

all items featured will be available at Bench:MADE and Handmade Omaha this month.